Orders are accepted by fax, mail, email, or at Tradeshows. All orders should be signed and dated by an authorized buyer. We do accept telephone orders but, they must be accompanied for payment in full with a credit card. If you need assistance or an order form, please contact our Sales Department.


We do not have minimum ordering requirements. However, all items are sold in full cartons only. Carton packs may range from 1 piece to 288 pieces or more depending on the specific item ordered.


Orders are shipped net 30 days (calculated from date of shipment) with approved credit. New accounts should submit credit applications to our office within 2 weeks of order date. If you prefer to purchase by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, please complete a Credit Card Authorization Form before your first order is shipped. Please contact our Sales Department and we will gladly email you a Credit Card Authorization Form.


All merchandise is shipped F.O.B. Sumner, WA via cheapest/best way unless otherwise noted. We do not mark up freight charges in any way; they are simply passed on to the customer. If you prefer to receive shipments via your preferred carrier, please provide the carrier name and your account number to our office prior to your first shipment. If you are unable to accept freight collect shipments or have special instructions, please provide this information prior to your first shipment. Freight will be billed by our warehouse Pacific Distribution if not noted on your invoice.


Orders are shipped as ready. Please make sure to note any special requirements on your order such as ship dates, cancellation dates, or backorder policies. Ship and cancel dates provided are assumed to be shipping guidelines unless specifically noted as in-house delivery dates. Please provide any revisions, cancellations, or changes in shipping instructions to our office in writing within 20 days of placing your order so; we can insure the accuracy of your order. Many items are strictly seasonal and you should contact the Sales Department if you have questions regarding expected delivery. General delivery information:

  • In stock merchandise - will be shipped within 48 hours from receipt of order.
  • New items - Our shipping dates will be 90 - 120 days from the order date. As an importer we do not produce the merchandise until you have placed your order. This practice permits us to offer you the best possible pricing.
  • Any merchandise needing to be reordered will take 60 - 120 days from order date.

Claims Process


Please submit all damage claims and/or return authorization requests within 20 days of receipt of goods. Any claims for full cases of damages caused by the carrier must be noted on the bill of lading at the time of delivery. All damage claims should be accompanied with a copy of the bill of lading noting how many cases were damaged. If you are able to provide us with digital photographs of the damaged cases and/or goods; it will assist in expediting your claim.


Please submit all shortage claim requests within 20 days of receipt of goods. All shortage claims must be accompanied with a copy of the bill of lading noting the shortages. The customer is responsible for noting any shortage immediately upon delivery of goods onto the bill of lading. Credit for shortages can not be received if the customer signed the bill of lading as complete without shortage.


It is very important that upon delivery of goods you take a few extra minutes and note any and all visible damage and shortages on the bill of lading.

When the customer chooses their own freight carrier it will be the customer's responsibility to file a claim with that carrier for all shortages and damages that were noted upon delivery.

You will be contacted as necessary to provide more information regarding the details of your claim. If it is not necessary to contact you, a credit memo will be sent to you as soon as possible. The credit memo will list all credit(s) issued and instructions on what to do with your damaged merchandise. If a call tag is issued to pick up merchandise, it is very important that the items are ready when the carrier arrives. All call tags are issued under our warehouse company name "Pacific Distribution".

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